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Joss Whedon’s ALS Ice Bucket challenge

I stand with Israel. Here’s why.

I’ve been seeing a lot of anti-Israel posts on tumblr, and I must say that while I am not surprised, I am disappointed. Israel is being unfairly portrayed in the media. The Israelis have lost their lives fighting for what is rightfully theirs. The Palestinians are terrorists, firing rockets into Israel claiming to be taking back the land that was never stolen from them. From the very beginning of Israel’s history, they have had to fight for their right to live there. This is no different, except now Israel’s biggest, best, and really their only ally is siding against them.

I have Israeli friends who were staying in Massachusetts for the summer for a program, and every day they would call home just to be sure that their families are still alive. They prayed and were absolutely terrified every day. And the media and society in this nation are not helping.

I stand with Israel because I looked at the viewpoints of both sides, compared them to the facts, and saw the conflict for what it truly is. Not only is it Anti-Zionism, it is completely based in Antisemitism. The Palestinians, and the Americans who are hoping for Israel to lose are hoping for the end to the only home most Jews have. 

So tumblr, I look to you. You all want to stand for social justice. You all want to support the minorities. You support Gay Rights, Women’s rights, and Black Rights. Why not support the rights of the Jews. Jews make up 2% of America and only .2% of the world. To put that into perspective for you, if the world were a hundred people, The Jews would be a hand.

I understand many people aren’t going to read this post because they don’t want to learn the other side of the story. But a few of you will, and that’s better than i could ever hope for (which is really sad to think about). If you got this far and you still avidly stand against a country of people who are just defending the right to stay in their homes and not be constantly terrorized by invaders and foriegn powers, then all I can ask of you is to be polite and not spread the anti-Israel propaganda that is spreading around the country like wildfire.

But if you stand with Israel, thank you. Please do not be afraid to speak out. Israel, and the Jewish people need your help.

If you want more information, please do not hesitate to send me a message, and I will be more than happy to debate with you politely, or give you any information you desire about Israel, and the current conflict. I have been polite thus far, and I ask that you please extend me the same courtesy.

Thank you for reading and considering the needs of a small country with few friends.


I happen to have a shit ton of small squares of paper. Like a lot. And I want to do something with them other than recycle them. Please give me ideas!

Anyone have any ideas of what I can do?


When people complain that Buffy Summers is whiny or impulsive or annoying all I can think to say is:

  1. No. Stop.
  2. She’s 22 when Sunnydale falls into a pit do you understand me what were you doing when you were 22. Were you saving the world? That’s right I thought not.

So unless you had to kill your boyfriend at age 17 to save the world or throw yourself to your death to save your sister at age 20 you can just sit down or come help me build my Buffy Summers altar.


Hey guys, this is not a joke! :D Click Here.

I’ve made a FitzSimmons Movie Trailer! It’s a project I’ve worked on for a little while too. It’s on Youtube, check it out!
FitzSimmons: The Movie [Official Trailer]


Hey guys, this is not a joke! :D Click Here.

I’ve made a FitzSimmons Movie Trailer! It’s a project I’ve worked on for a little while too. It’s on Youtube, check it out!

FitzSimmons: The Movie [Official Trailer]

"It’s like you’re psychically linked.”



james turning down every hogsmeade invitation by telling them he’s going stag

Sirius spreading a rumour that he has a cat just so when people ask him about it he can go, “Nah, I’m a dog person.”

okay but instead of coffee shop AUs


  • Modern royalty AUs
  • Accidentally read their diary AUs
  • Egyptologists AUs
  • Rockstar and groupie AUs
  • Book club AUs
  • Met at comic con AUs
  • Lifeguard AUs
  • 1920s con artists AUs
  • Running from the police AUs
  • Librarian AUs
  • Rebels against the government AUs
  • Internet friends AUs
  • Time traveling AUs
  • Struggling artists AUs